Sylvia McNeilSylvia shares words that encourage and inspire. Others receive her intuition and wisdom as a special gift.  Her passion is to uplift and inspire.  She has had many opportunities to utilize this talent being that she is a retired public school teacher, a second language teacher, and an adult education teacher. She is presently Founder/Executive Director of Precious Children’s Mobile Mission, a non-profit organization that teaches financial literacy and character development.

Sylvia is also active in her church, and speaks to other congregations and gatherings.  She is a teacher of Love to adults and children. Her words of wisdom and encouragement know no age limit.

Sylvia devoted many years to taking care of her elderly parents. The heartaches and joys that accompanied that time in her life make the feelings in her poetry all the more heart touching. Her desire is that you experience Love through the words in this book, and let Love communicate and be involved in your life.

Sylvia McNeil has always been tender hearted to the point of being deeply moved by peoples’ needs. At the age of 32, she was introduced to a variety of humanity while attending Christ For The Nations Institute, in Dallas, Texas, and had daily opportunities to be affected by peoples’ success, failure, happiness, and sadness. As she reached out in love, she recognized a growing desire and developing ability to help others. Observing this fed her passion to continue to reach out with her words.

Sylvia’s desire is that the SECRET WORDS that come from her heart of love and are now shared in this book will inspire all who read to embrace Love and experience an abundance of peace and joy.

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